Friday, August 31, 2007


Yes, we have a new kitten ! Already! This is not how we planned it, we thought a few weeks of mourning might be very beneficial for the kids, but alas, things happen as they happen.
Tuesday evening we received a phone call from Klaas, neighbourhood friend. He told us that his brother had taken a little cat with him when returning from a vacation in France. The kitten had visited his tent one day and never left him.
After making inquiries about the mother/owner of the cat, and discovering that nobody was interested, he and his family decided to take him to Holland with them. But they already had two cats at home, so they were looking for a foster family.

And here he is ! I must admit I have to get used to him, but he has to get used to us too.
There's already a big problem: he isn't clean! Or at least, I think he isn't. He leaves his shit all over the place..... Yesterday evening he made such a nice surprise on my side of the bed, yes, under the sheets....:-(

Oh well, perhaps it's my own fault, perhaps I didn't leave the door open to the cat box.
But he can be very sweet too, just an hour ago he was such a big help on the cintiq....

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