Monday, October 29, 2007

New caricatures

Normally october is a very busy month, but for some reason (recession, bad luck?) I didn't have any gigs. Until last saturday. I really had to get into it, I had become a little lazy. I hope it doesn't show.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I was in the car of Zach Trenholm when I drove back from Reno to San Francisco, and with us was Claude St. Onge, a canadian cartoonist/caricaturist.
It had been snowing the night before and I asked Zach to pull over, so I could make some photos. And I just couldn't resist the challenge and made a (tiny snowball) and threw it in the direction of Claude. 99% of the time I miss, but not this time, it hit him right in his neck!
Poor Claude, he's just too gentle to do the same thing to me, so luckily I got away with it very well.
But I made this drawing and mailed it to him, I hope he likes it.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


I had to make a cartoon for a 'klootschiet' society.
Now when dutch people see this word they usually smile. Why? Not because of the sport. Klootschieten is nothing more than a dutch version of the french game 'jeu de Boules', and instead of metal balls wooden balls are used. And instead of throwing from one side to another, a track is being followed, I believe.
But the funny thing is that 'kloot' is slang for testicle, so klootschieten means 'shooting the ball'.
Anyway, this society wanted me to draw a bull with gigantic balls, and I really had fun doing that. But unfortunately, the balls were considered to be too big and I had to redraw him again. I liked the original version better though...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Radio Gelderland

So I was invited to come to the studio of Radio Gelderland last week to show them my skills as a live caricaturist. Unfortunately, it was radio and nobody could see it. And i believe I said a lot of "eh" and couldn't explain what exactly a caricature is in just 1 minute. But it was a nice experience anyway.

Still having bags under my eyes after Reno.

Is that me?

It always gives me a good feeling to see people this way.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Very inspirational stuff

Here are some caricatures that were made in Reno, and that I liked veeeery much. The list isn't complete, but I had to make a choice. I just want to show the diversity of all the different styles.

This is Anne Bush, drawn by Ed Steckley. This is really her.

Some stuff done by Anne Bush. My kids thought these were very funny. So did I.

'Beachpony' by Marlo Meekins. Her caricatures amaze me, she's the queen of absurdity.
I hope that one day she'll draw me.

'Debby' by Brian Oakes.

Very graphical, very Japanese. Unfortunately, I forgot his name. Sorry.

David O'Keefe

I'm in love with this one, it's done by Seo Kim, and she's only 18 years old!
Can you believe that? What was I doing at that age? (probably something very immature and stupid.)

Who's this witch? Oh, it's me.
Done by Sam Gorrie. Thank you Sam, I owe you one....

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A nosey !

I've just returned from Reno, Nevada, where the 16th annual convention of the National Caricaturist Network took place. And guess what. I won a bronze nosey! Which is quite an achievement for a person who never before participated in the contest.
I was so surprised, I really was. The nosey is an award for 'the best caricaturist of the year', the most important of all 16 categories.

And not only did I win the bronze nosey, I also became first in the category 'outstanding retail/party style', second in the 'best likeness from a slide' competition, and third in the 'outstanding cartoon style' category. What a blast!

Everybody has a certain amount of space on the wall, on which the product of one week hard labour is being put.
This is my 'wall'.

At home, seeing these huge amounts of paper, pens and other stuff spread over the floor, I would probably be shouting: "Go and f*$#*! clean up your mess"!!!! But in Reno I was in silent admiration for this outburst of creativity.

Me at work.

All contestants are in full concentration for the 'best likeness from a slide' competition.

Standing behind Joe Bluhm, one of my favorite caricature artists. I was so close I could almost touch him! Didin't have the guts though.

This is Greg Dohlen next to the caricature I made of him. Greg shot hundreds of photos at the convention, they can all be seen at:

With Anne Bush (1st place for outstanding Cartoon style) and Tomokazu Yoshida (2nd place) at the awards winning banquet. I got third.

Standing between Sam Gorrie (3rd place for outstanding retail/party style) and Aaron Philby (2nd place). Oh, I was first.
This category was being reintroduced this year. A caricature had to be made within 8 minutes and had to have a good likeness. I also won a luxurious cruise. I can take a guest with me and all I have to do is make caricatures for a few hours. Now that is something completely different from camping in Twenthe!

And here are the three nosey winners!!!!!!!!!
From left to right:
me (bronze nosey), Glenn Ferguson (silver) and Kage Nakanishi (gold).