Thursday, October 18, 2007


I had to make a cartoon for a 'klootschiet' society.
Now when dutch people see this word they usually smile. Why? Not because of the sport. Klootschieten is nothing more than a dutch version of the french game 'jeu de Boules', and instead of metal balls wooden balls are used. And instead of throwing from one side to another, a track is being followed, I believe.
But the funny thing is that 'kloot' is slang for testicle, so klootschieten means 'shooting the ball'.
Anyway, this society wanted me to draw a bull with gigantic balls, and I really had fun doing that. But unfortunately, the balls were considered to be too big and I had to redraw him again. I liked the original version better though...

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Vincenzo said...

I don't know what would hurt worse...the arrow or dragging those boys around :)!!