Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A nosey !

I've just returned from Reno, Nevada, where the 16th annual convention of the National Caricaturist Network took place. And guess what. I won a bronze nosey! Which is quite an achievement for a person who never before participated in the contest.
I was so surprised, I really was. The nosey is an award for 'the best caricaturist of the year', the most important of all 16 categories.

And not only did I win the bronze nosey, I also became first in the category 'outstanding retail/party style', second in the 'best likeness from a slide' competition, and third in the 'outstanding cartoon style' category. What a blast!

Everybody has a certain amount of space on the wall, on which the product of one week hard labour is being put.
This is my 'wall'.

At home, seeing these huge amounts of paper, pens and other stuff spread over the floor, I would probably be shouting: "Go and f*$#*! clean up your mess"!!!! But in Reno I was in silent admiration for this outburst of creativity.

Me at work.

All contestants are in full concentration for the 'best likeness from a slide' competition.

Standing behind Joe Bluhm, one of my favorite caricature artists. I was so close I could almost touch him! Didin't have the guts though.

This is Greg Dohlen next to the caricature I made of him. Greg shot hundreds of photos at the convention, they can all be seen at:

With Anne Bush (1st place for outstanding Cartoon style) and Tomokazu Yoshida (2nd place) at the awards winning banquet. I got third.

Standing between Sam Gorrie (3rd place for outstanding retail/party style) and Aaron Philby (2nd place). Oh, I was first.
This category was being reintroduced this year. A caricature had to be made within 8 minutes and had to have a good likeness. I also won a luxurious cruise. I can take a guest with me and all I have to do is make caricatures for a few hours. Now that is something completely different from camping in Twenthe!

And here are the three nosey winners!!!!!!!!!
From left to right:
me (bronze nosey), Glenn Ferguson (silver) and Kage Nakanishi (gold).


nELSÖN! said...

Congratulations Marion for your nosey! Hope to see ya again in Osterbeek?

Mark Heng said...

Congrats! And it's really cool to see pics from the convention. Wish I could have gone!

Vincenzo said...

Well deserved!!!! It was so much fun seeing the pics that Greg posted of your terrific work!!

Congratulations Marion.


Emily said...

Congratulations on your awards, you totally deserved all of them! Watching you work was an inspiration. Hope to see you again next year!

Angie said...

Alright Marion!
Your work really shines!
Way to go and so sorry I missed meeting you!
1st con I missed, too!
Maybe next one!

kencoogan said...

Congratulations Marion! You must be absolutely thrilled. Great to see such great and unique work rewarded!!

Marion said...

Thanks everybody! It sure is a pity you didn't come to reno Angie, but no doubt we'll meet some other time!

Niall O loughlin said...

I'm so delighted for you, your as we say in Ireland
"bloody brilliant!

Me! said...

aw marion, it was so nice to get to know you at the convention. im so proud of you winning those awards too. slightly jealous, but mostly proud.. *wink wink*
can't wait till next year!!!

Kamal Dollah said...

Congratulations Marion,

Your work really stood out with its expressive lines. You are indeed a master of the brush pen among other things. I almost gave up on using the brush pen until I saw your work in Reno.

Glad to have met you. Now that I know of your blog, I'll be checking out your works regularly as they are truely inspiring.

Kamal Dollah. Singapore

Marion said...

Thank you Kamal, Niall, and Sam, you don't have to be jealous, you're my runner-up!!