Monday, April 21, 2008


Last week I had a digital gig. It's always very exciting, everything has to work, the cartridge mustn't be empty etc.etc. But it was fun too. People are always very surprised to see a caricature being made on a cintiq. A large number of caricatures is always very hard to make, but it's more about demonstrating what is possible on a computer than making quantities is my experience.


jert said...

these are some of the BEST digital Live caricatures i have ever seen.....great work Marion

hanzz said...

dit is gewoonweg geweldig !!
welke brushes heb je gebruikt ?
Scratchboard tool, en .....een watercolor ? een zelfgemaakte borstel ? ik vind 'm alleszins niet direct..

Dan said...

Phenomenal caricatures. I second what JERT said.

These almost look like they are done in watercolour, absolutely stunning.

Marion said...

Thanks jert, Hans, Dan.


Dit berichtje kun je lezen op het NCN forum:

"I work with Painter Classic. The brushes are so sensitive, more sensitive IMO than in Photoshop. It resembles my live work more than any other software.
I use the scratchboard tool for lines. While I work I always keep searching for the right proportions so sometimes I move lines, scale them etc.
When I think it's OK I start colouring with the watercolour brush. There are no layers in Painter Classic but with the watercolour you can smir them over the lines and remove it using a white watercolour.
I sometimes got to 'dry' and start colouring again.
I hope I gave you answers you can work with."

kencoogan said...

Marion, these are amazing. I'd love to have the confidence to be able to take on something like this!!!
Did you feel under any pressure working with digital?

Marion said...

Ken, that's a completely different story: "the psychology of drawing fast before a live audience".
Where to start?
yes, I've sweated a lot. I sometimes felt like a masochist. But the last few years luckily things got better;-)

Niall O loughlin said...

Fantastic Marion, would love to see you doing these, the future is here!!

j.philomeno said...

isso e um exemplo pra mim, que estou começando a fazer caricaturas.