Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Dressed for work

There are times when you are working hard to promote yourself as an artist and there are times when you want to draw and study as much as you can and you seem to forget that there's a world outside, a world that constantly has to be made conscious that you are alive and kicking.
This is what Hugo and I found out when we saw this photo.
It was taken 8 years ago. We had decided to introduce an act as a golden age couple (The dutch called the 17th century their golden age, because they were doing pretty well, economically, politically ánd culturally), and had these clothes made for historic/medieval parties.
But we didn't do much promotion at the time, and we also found out that Hugo's pants were too tight, that he didn't feel comfortable wearing tights underneath and that I had an itchy feeling wearing that cap.
But looking at the photo again I find that we are a very cute couple, and the clothes are very original too, so we are planning to give it another try.


Emily Anthony said...

Wow, very dramatic photo! I would think it would be a powerful draw for your business to promote yourselves as part of the Dutch artistic tradition. Good luck!

Marion said...

Thanks Emily!
I think you're right, it's wise to point what makes you different from the rest.

Nelson Santos said...

That a great pic, very Renaissence :O

Marion said...

You should do something like this too Nelson, Portugal has a great history!