Tuesday, May 20, 2008

another illustration

I did this illustration about a year ago, it's a greeting card, and belongs to a series of 6. This was the best one. It shows perfectly my greatest weakness (or strength): I'm very graphic, but I'm not very good doing perspective. To be honest, I hate it. It never comes out right.
I don't like doing cars, buildings, technical equipment, or it has to be in a very simple way. Like a simple skyline, or a Fred Flintsone car.

Here are a few of my favourite all time illustrators, and you can see they suffer from the same 'disease'.

Fiep Westendorp

Mary Blair

Max Velthuijs.


Per H said...

I really dig your illustrations. Graphical and clean. Three thumbs up!

Marion said...

Thanks Per, I like your style too. Very fresh.
Drop by any minute!