Tuesday, May 27, 2008

medieval party

A few weeks ago I told about our 'golden age' costumes and how seldom we have to work wearing them. Well, last friday it was finally the day! I'm not too eager doing gigs like these, because sometimes you end up in a place or environment where these costumes are so out of tune. But this was not the case last friday, because the people that hired us had all made a great effort in creating the right atmosphere by wearing medieval clothes themselves. There were beggars, monks, kings and queens, the lights were dimmed and the beer was flooding.

There was this lady who made this beautiful photo of me at work.

And in return I made her a caricature.

It was a pity that Hugo was working in the darker areas, otherwise I would have made a similar photo of him. Well, at least you can see his famous leds now!


Niall O loughlin said...

That's a fantastic photo, something to treasure!!

Moyse said...

Wow, I thought that photo was a painting by an old master, then I saw you in it. The colours and composition are terrific.