Friday, May 09, 2008

Group caricature

One of the most difficult assignments, and I think many fellow artists agree with me, is a group caricature. Not only do you have to make each individual slightly exaggerated but still with a likeness, you also have to make a nice and strong composition. This combination is sooooo difficult!

A few weeks ago however I had another digital gig, and the client and I agreed I would make a group caricature of the people I had drawn that afternoon. Which proved to be the solution for me.
The caricatures all were approved that afternoon, which is a worry less, and then at home I simply had to select them, import them into Photoshop and move them around a little bit to see which faces work well together. I sometimes added a shoulder, collar or tie, and ended up with this.....
The result is far more lively than any other group caricature I had done before.
There are still things that I'm not satisfied with, but in the next group caricature I will solve that out.


hanzz said...

Formidable compositie van al even formidabele karikaturen !

kencoogan said...

This is one of the best group caricatures I've seen in a long time. I think it looks great!