Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A weekend of work

Holland is doing great at the Euro 2008, but work is work and instead of watching Holland-France, I went to Hardenberg to entertain the people of the Vechtdal College.
Five minutes after I took this photo the room was crowded with people, all looking at the television screen, watching the game....


Workshop time!
In The Factory in Utrecht a great party was taking place, organised by Effect Business Events, and the afternoon program was a very active one: there was a workshop program that included Flower arranging, Salsa, Darts, Diving, Percussion, Video Editing, Metal Constructing (what that is I didn't find out), Graffiti and ofcourse Making caricatures.
As workshop leaders we had to present ourselves to the audience using these boards:

It was fun, the people were very enthusiastic and did their very best to put the things we taught them into practice.

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