Friday, August 22, 2008

Elton John's hands

At this month's competition on the NCN forum we had to draw Elton John, so I gave it a try.
First I did a quick sketch, pencil on paper, and then I coloured it digitally, in Photoshop.
I focussed on the lightning.

Now, for a pianoplayer like Elton, it would have been more natural to draw the hands and keyboard too, you might think.
Hands...... I realised that I always try to avoid them. I can do them the cartoon-Mickey Mouse way, which is very useful when you're a speedy party-caricaturist. But it had been a long time since I did some realistic stuff. So with a Norman Rockwell book on my lap I did some studies.
Very helpful, I really should do this more often.


Edo draaijer said...
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Edo draaijer said...

hey Marion, mooie prent. Snap jouw handen verhaal. vermijd het zelf niet ,maar doe ook eerst veel studies om weer "into handen" te komen. Rockwell helpt. Absoluut.

Nelson Santos said...

Nice hands study Marion Rockwell his a master on this another great artist for hands study is Mort Drucker he has a complete arsenal of hands just google him. By the way how come you were here and didnt say nothing?

Vincenzo said...

Nice job on that Elton and the hands are superb...always "handy" to have some reference hanging around!...and there's always your own and a mirror ;)

Marion said...

Hi Nelson,
Sorry for not saying anything, I kinda forgot. But your country is beautful, it was my third time and it's my favourite destination when I'm going south. But the language... too difficult!
Vin, the mirror won't work for me when I have to draw the hands of a man, my hands aren't bony enough....

Sjan W said...

Hoi :)
Love your art! Very nice caricatures and studies. I try to make some myself every now and then, but there's so much for me to learn. Maybe you'd like to check my blog and give me some advice one day?

Btw even if Batman isn't your cup of tea, I strongly recommend it, I've seen it 3 times in the theatre already :) You can't miss the Joker's facial expressions!

Marion said...

Hé Sjan,
Nice artwork, I wish I could colour like you (fast and effective).
I read the critics on Batman, and yes, they were very positive. Especially Heath Ledger as the joker is great. Pity he died. But still not my cup of tea I'm afraid.

kencoogan said...

These are beautiful sketches Marion. I've always had a problem with drawing hands. Exercises like this would definitely help me get over my fear!

Tel said...

.... me too !!
I often spend ages on the hands and they still don't look right - dreadful at them !!
These are so good Marion.

Marion said...

Thanks Ken & Tel,
I really feel that I study too little, and focus too much on results. My plans are to post more sketches and less fully rendered stuff.