Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Holiday in Portugal

So we're back from a very nice and relaxing holiday in Portugal. Beautiful beaches, nature, culture, just great!
Hugo and I normally don't sketch when we're away (it reminds us too much about home & work) but this year we decided to take our 'equipment' with us. Huug started by taking his watercolour set to the beach and painted the rocks and the ocean. He tried other techniques as well. I stuck to the crayons and observed the people.
It was fun looking at people and trying to capture the essence of that person in just a few minutes. People are so relaxed on vacation, they're letting it all hang down.

We inspired the children too!

A sketch I did of Meike.

And here are a few photos of my kids doing other things.
(Just in case you might think we are forcing our children to become a second Rembrandt or Van Gogh).


Tel said...

'Letting it all hang down' - I like that - I know how they feel Marion .... :0) !!
Really nice sketches and sounds like a great holiday.

Niall O loughlin said...

Great drawings Marion, amazing you were never an animator.

Steve said...

Good to know you had a wonderful holiday! I love Portugal and hope to take my wife there again soon!

Marion said...

Thanks guys!
Niall, back in the eighties, when I got my education, I didn't know that you could go to a college to become an animator. If I had known, I probably would have tried. But it's OK, never look back in anger ;-)