Saturday, September 06, 2008


Here are some caricatures that I've been making of fellow caricaturists of the NCN.
Sometimes I do them digitally, sometimes it's pencil on paper. But it's always a nice way to start the day.

Mike Hasson

Liesbeth Beckers

Nate Kapnicky

Pete Emslie

Douglas 'Doogle' Sterner

Angie Jordan

Tomokazu Tabata

Jan Neggers


kencoogan said...

Beautiful work Marion! That one you did of Pete is awesome!!!

Per H said...

These are so damn great!

Tel said...

I love your versatility with styles - Pete looks like an Illustrator job to Jan's loose inked sketch - in fact they're all so different - that's talent !
Excellent Marion.

Tooninator said...'re a champ!!!

Steve said...

Excellent work and I am a BIG fan of your work Marion.

Emily Anthony said...

All different yet so identifiable as your work. You're an amazing artist, Marion!
I had a gig yesterday with many visiting Dutch people, all their accents reminded me of you and Jan!

Marion said...

Thanks everyone.
Tel, let me tell you this: I'm NOT so good doing commissions. I think photos are very difficult to work from, plus I believe my style is OK for live gigs but too confronting for commissions. So you beat me there.
Em, I hope they didn't give you a hard time. What did it sound like: a bunch of screaming ducks ;-)

Dominic Philibert said...

Really really nice work Marion!!