Saturday, October 18, 2008

new website

Hi folks!
It is with great pride that I present our new website!
Much easier to navigate, lots of pictures, not too much text.
A separate part for both Hugo and me, so it is very clear that, although we're a team, we're also individuals with each our own artistic development.
Only in dutch so far, we still have to work on the English part. But look at the images and it's easy to understand what it's all about, I should say.


Vincenzo said...

All the best with the new site...may it serve it's purpose and keep you very, very busy...and B.T.W., that's two really good looking people on the home page!!!

Marion said...

Haha, thanks, but the photo is already 5 years old!

Antonio said...

Meraviglioso !
I like very much the gig's dgt .
You are my hero!!!!
that maker you use ?
i'm use the TOMBO brush , what you think about ?
Ciao Marion ,
Antonio from Italy

Marion said...

Ciao Antonio, tutti va bene?
I use Copic Ciao markers.

Roberto said...

Hi, I came from Hans Deconick's link.
I'm very impressed at how you keep a clean, cartonish style yet together with a deep character understanding. No wonder they thought the same at the NCN. I find your style close to that of Peter Emslie when working at live, but you're as interesting when venturing in a more painterly one as well.
I liked also how you employed the digital watercolors in a very different way than me (I can't help it but overdo mines).
In the end, two notes of coincidence: I loved Harry Dean Stanton in "Paris, Texas" and dream of being a bit so wild as Burke is (even I can't understand your post about him, I can imagine).
It was a pleasure to know your work. Wish you the best.

Marion said...

Hi Roberto,
Thanks for the compliments.
Yes, watercolours (even digitally) can be very tricky, but i think nothing beats a beautiful transparant aquarel.
I visited your website and particularly liked the one you did of Mercedes Sosa-something.
Hard to figure out if that one is made digitally or hand made..
My guess is digital. Am I right?

Sam "quick draw" Gorrie said...

Awesome website Marion! very pro, and I love your digital set up. I've gotta give my website an overhaul real soon. seeing yours may be the pus i needed :)

ytuythdj said...