Wednesday, November 12, 2008


As a result of the family caricature I made a few weeks ago, I was asked to do another one.
I thought it would be interesting to show you how I work.
First I made this sketch from photos, I think it took me about 20 minutes.

Then I gave all the grey lines a 'dark flesh' tone in Photoshop.

Next step is colouring it in Painter Classic

I have to be careful not to give the face too saturized tones, it's still too pink I think.

OK, enough for today.


ramanjit said...

hi mam,
this sketch is very powerful.i hope the colouring will be also too nice.

ramanjit said...
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Niall O loughlin said...

Super work as always Marion.

Nelson Santos said...

Cool Marion but i prefer the sketch.

Vincenzo said...

Thanks for sharing process Marion...looking forward to it's progress...GREAT sketch!!

Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady!!

Marion said...

Ramanjit: join the NCN, an american (soon to be international) organisation of caricature artists.
Go to
and you'll find many colleagues from all over the world that are able to inspire you!
Niall: thanks.
Nelson: for me colouring is pretty new, but it's something I want to learn. I luckily see improvement with every caricature I make.
Vin: thanks buddy!

ramanjit said...

hi mam,
thankyou for your guidence .