Thursday, January 15, 2009

Artiesten- en Evenementenbeurs 2009

On january 11th, 12th and 13th Hugo and I were showing our digital and paper skills on the 21th 'Artiesten- en Evenementenbeurs' in Eindhoven, Holland. We were trying to make people interested in booking us as caricature artists at their parties, weddings, exhibitions etc.
I believe that in these hard times of recession it's extra important to make yourself known to the public. We had become a little lazy the last few years in doing so. Things were going great every year, people knew us, didn't they? Well, not necessarily we found out. Slowly we were getting older and people from the booking agencies were getting younger and younger.

Daddy drawing a line.

Mommy drawing a line.

And the kids are impatiently waiting till it's time to go to McDonalds.
No, that's not fair, they were very helpful and cooperative.
We were very proud of them!


Emily Anthony said...

That is the challenging part of our jobs, letting people know the joy they can get from a live caricature-- that catches the essence of THEM! Your work does that so well. Good luck in 2009, Marion...keep marketing!

Marion said...

Thanks Emily!