Friday, March 20, 2009

De Frogertjes

This caricature is for dutch folks only.
He is a crooner, she is his wife, and together with their two kids they had a series on television last december, in which they tried to live on welfare for a month: "Effe geen cent te makke", which is slang for: not having any money to spend for the moment.


Nelson Santos said...

Waht you mean "is for dutch folks only"? Anyway that could possibly include a portuguese scumbag? Have a nice weekend.

Marion said...

Sorry Nelson, I only meant dutch people are the only ones that might know them, and are able to see or fail to see the likeness.
Have a nice weekend too in sunny Portugal (sigh).

Kelly Gannon said...

Absolutely love this "stylist" form of caricature Marion!!!

Angie Jordan said...

I love he use of your gradient colors!
Good job Marion!

Tel said...

You're right Marion, I don't know them - but - I love this style of caricature you have perfected.
It is Photoshop not Illustrator - right ?
Love your stuff.

Marion said...

Thanks Kelly, Angie, Tel.
Yes, it's Photoshop, not Illustrator.