Monday, May 18, 2009

Caricatures at the shopping mall

It had been raining all morning and the place was so depressing when I arrived in my car. But then all of a sudden the rain stopped and I had quite a pleasant afternoon drawing people with their dreams or hobbies.


Eun Ae said...

Wow, I'm first~ (uhihi) Hi, Marion. It's always nice to look at your work. I like them all!! I like the princess girl and her delicate smile. I also like the pingpong playing kid. It's interesting to see how you express Asians. Well,,your live caricatures are very interesting and make me feel up!

Marion said...

Thank you Eun Ae. It's interesting that you mention 'the way I express asians". There's always something strange happening when people from one race try to draw a person from another race. I remember old japanese drawings where they tried to portray european people. They looked very asian. I guess that's the other way around too....
I don't want to be called a racist but there are some specific features that beyond a doubt can be attributed to certain races, like: caucasian (white) women have flat bottoms, african-american (dark, black, whatever) have far more often round bottoms. I've noticed too that dark people, more often than light/white/ caucasian have small ears!
Why that is, I don't know, it's just an observation.