Monday, May 11, 2009

Patsy Stone

For everybody who was as big a fan of Absolutely Fabulous as I was, it is (I hope) fun to see a caricature of Patsy Stone, the anorectic and alcoholic best friend of Edie.


damon said...

i like

Eun Ae said...

Wow..She is anorectic? And she looks like a bad-tempered woman. (Though I don't know her at all)You made it look like that. Well, I like it(the way you draw), too.

Marion said...

Oh yes, she is a very bad-tempered woman. And she has to throw every time she is forced to eat something.
Go to youtube and search for "absolutely fabulous" and you'll see what I mean.

Tel said...

Classic Marion - still enjoying the re runs of Patsy & Co in AbFab !

Mr. Sable said...

Brilliant! I love your work!

I drew Ed & Patsy years ago, but was perhaps not so kind as you are:

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