Tuesday, June 30, 2009

visualisaties voor ProRail

Besides making caricatures, I occasionally work as a visualizer for companies. Very different kind of work, but also very exciting, because it's so new to me.
You have to be able to analyse rather complex discussions and turn them into something very simple and understandable.
Today I attended a meeting of a management team of ProRail, a dutch company that takes care of the infrastructure of dutch railroads.
I had to make cartoons about the strong and weak parts of their organisation and their future goal as a whole
. The cartoons aren't very 'spectacular' but what counts is that they are very recognizable for the people involved.


hanzz said...

Dat ziet er leuk uit !
Zeker niet makkelijk, men verwacht waarschijnlijk snel en gevat(vooral snel)?

Marion said...

Inderdaad, vooral het snelle is niet altijd gemakkelijk. De beste visualizers zijn striptekenaars en cartoonisten, mensen die een breed arsenaal aan visuele grappen tot hun beschikking hebben.
Toch is het leuk om het om de zoveel tijd te doen, al doende wordt men beter.

Angie Jordan said...

Very Cool Marion and Congrats!

These are very fun to do, because of the creative freedom.
Though the meetings for which I've drawn were a bit different than yours, they appear to have many common elements and you seem to have nailed their objectives.

Great job!

Marion said...

Hi Angie,
Yes, these meetings sure must have common elements: "mental growth", "working together", "focus", "distractions". I sure would like to see your cartoons!

Angie Jordan said...

Hi Marion!

I just caught your reply.

I wish I could show you, and others, my cartoons, but I signed an NDA and have to keep everything under wraps.:(