Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

zorgwerk en HEMA

Had a busy weekend. On friday it was the first time since our vacation that I had to do a digital gig. Not always very easy, but I had a great time with the girls of Zorgwerk, an employment agency for nurses if I understood correctly. They were all very young and pretty, and the theme of the evening was: Holland (what else)... I couldn't make many photos because my camera was low on batteries. Sorry.

And the next day I could almost stay at home, because I had to work at Burgers Zoo, which is a five minutes walk from my house. They were all pastrycooks from the HEMA, a very famous shop in the Netherlands.

My daughter Meike was with me for support and while we were waiting for our first 'customers' she made a caricature of me. Isn't this a great portrait! And so flattering!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Feestweek in Naaldwijk

Apologies everybody for not posting a bit sooner. My head was still in a holiday modus. We spent 3 lovely weeks in southern France, but now it's back to normal (sigh).
Here are some photos of a gig I did in Naaldwijk, for Westland Theater "De Naald".
They had me positioned on some kind of stage, which was quite appropriate I thought.
I had to make a colouring picture in advance as a take-away for children, and it was a big succes!