Sunday, December 27, 2009

Snow has gone

It's hard to believe that only a week ago Arnhem looked like this.
Ten inches of snow had fallen, something very rare up here, because Holland 'suffers' from a seaclimate.
We went into the woods and had a lot of fun sleigh-riding and throwing snowballs. And the day after we made a path before our house so other people could walk easily through our street.
Isn't this a romantic scenery!
But now all snow has gone, and it's cloudy and dull again.


Sanjinez said...

Nice Pic

Tel said...

Looks so nice and cool Marion, a real winter for Europe looks great - incidentally we had 40C yesterday and 36C today !!

Marion said...

Yes, a cold winter sure is nice, with a little luck we'll go skating by the end of the week.
I sure hope your house is still standing Terry, I saw some big fires near Perth on the television...:(

Anonymous said...

der artikel hat mich nachdenklich gemacht. wobei ich allerdings schon finde, dass gruende wie armut und stress auch im alter (mehr und mehr) einen gewissen ausschlag geben koennen zur flasche zu greifen. in jedem fall ist die aussage “man kan noch so viel vom leben haben” natuerlich nur zu unterstreichen!!! zudem verkraftet ein junger koerper wahrscheinlich eher ein glas mehr als ein aelterer mensch. ein gewisser warnschuss darf hier also ruhig erfolgen…