Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sportgala Schiedam

This one was quite tricky, because
1. the girls were all young, blond and beautiful.

2. caricatures from a photo is very difficult (that ofcourse is my personal opinion, you may disagree with me).

But I'm not too unhappy with the result. The job came together with a gig. The girls were awarded a prize at a sportsgala and were offered this caricature in a frame. I was the lucky one to hand it to them.

This girl was the winner in her category. I forgot which category it was, something with a ball I guess.


Manoj Sinha said...

It is very dificult to draw so many people with different expression.

mrjusta said...

I totally love your work are you using all photoshop or do you use illustrator too ?

Jon Casey said...

Dynamic Composition at the top! I love how your sketches keep a subtle sharp edge, the coach and the lady to the left who appears to be all tuckered out are really funny.

Marion said...

Thank you guys!
mrjusta: I start sketching with a pencil on paper, then I scan the sketch and I draw the outlines in Painter Classic. I did the colours in Photoshop, using a multiple layer.
Yes Jon, I guess you know how difficult a group composition can be...:)


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