Monday, August 23, 2010

Sail Amsterdam

Sail Amsterdam is a big nautic event which takes place every 5 years in the harbour of Amsterdam, and I was lucky to be part of it. I had to draw digital caricatures for Econosto, and it was fun! Sun, water, and many, many boats!

My working area that day: The Thalassa!

Look at those sailors!

...and some more sailors.

It was crowded with boats on Het IJ.
It's a game of seeing and being seen as you can see.

Thijs van Leer (famous dutch flutist) bumped into our ship and started playing a 'happy birthday' tune because we had a birthday girl on board.


Emily Anthony said...

Marion, I always enjoy your posts! Your work (and blog itself) are looking goooood.

hanzz said...

This is looking so good ! great caricatures, and Thijs Van Leer must have been a great experience too, long time no see !

Marion said...

Thank you guys! This really was a great experience, boats and water (and caricatures ofcourse) are a great combination.
Zo Hans, jij bent een fan van Thijs van Leer!

hanzz said...

tjah, ik hoor stillekesaan bij de ouwe mensen hee!
Ik herinner me nog de dagen van "Focus" en zo...

Anonymous said...

geweldig met Thijs van Leer.
Net als Hanzz kom ik als 50-er ook uit het Focus tijdperk.
Ik had nog wat LP's meegenomen om te laten signeren :)


hanzz said...

50-er? let op je woorden!........ ik word pas volgende week 50 !

Anonymous said...

Top site, I had not noticed before during my searches!
Carry on the great work!

Amsterdam Apartments said...

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