Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cartoons voor de Gemeente Nijmegen

Last Friday Hugo and I were asked, along with 5 other cartoonists, to attend a meeting organised by the council of Nijmegen. It was a brainstorm session and its goal was to find energy-saving alternatives for 50.000 existing houses.
Now these are serious problems!
Luckily, as a cartoonist, you don't have to come up with instant solutions, but just offer a different perspective to the matter.
And that's what I did. Most of you don't read dutch, so I'll try to describe it a little bit: spectacles with double glazing, the islamic way of insulating your house, all the forms you have to fill in to get subsidy for energy-saving measures doesn't save paper.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm on the air!

Here's a sequence of a dutch programme, which is called Mediazine. They came by a few weeks ago and filmed me in my house working on my cintiq. The programme is all about hardware, smartphones, stuff like that. This item is about mouses, RSI and different ways of working on your computer. You have to wait 2 minutes before you can see me at work. Enjoy!

Mediazine S01E09 Muizen en tablets

Friday, January 14, 2011

aeb 2011

The video down below shows the presentation of the dutch organisation of portrait artists "En Profil" at the Artists & Events Show, which took place in Eindhoven from 9 till 11 January 2011.
En Profil is a small community of 30 artists, who all have different skills and techniques. There are silhouet cutters, (digital) carticaturists and also realistic painters/drawers.
Because it is such a small community, many of us know each other and it is always fun to be together and share ideas, techniques and stories.
it is also my first attempt to make a video using iMovie on my Macbook, which is fun and quite easy. I will definitely post more videos in 2011!

aeb 2011