Friday, January 14, 2011

aeb 2011

The video down below shows the presentation of the dutch organisation of portrait artists "En Profil" at the Artists & Events Show, which took place in Eindhoven from 9 till 11 January 2011.
En Profil is a small community of 30 artists, who all have different skills and techniques. There are silhouet cutters, (digital) carticaturists and also realistic painters/drawers.
Because it is such a small community, many of us know each other and it is always fun to be together and share ideas, techniques and stories.
it is also my first attempt to make a video using iMovie on my Macbook, which is fun and quite easy. I will definitely post more videos in 2011!


Harold Hugenholtz said...

Great movie Marion, ik zet hem op mijn blog! Thankx

hanzz said...

Toooooooofff ! ! ! ! !

Marion said...

Ja, leuk hè!
Hans, omdat de beurs in Eindhoven plaats vindt zijn er ook altijd veel nederlandstalige belgen, als exposant óf bezoeker.