Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm on the air!

Here's a sequence of a dutch programme, which is called Mediazine. They came by a few weeks ago and filmed me in my house working on my cintiq. The programme is all about hardware, smartphones, stuff like that. This item is about mouses, RSI and different ways of working on your computer. You have to wait 2 minutes before you can see me at work. Enjoy!


Per H said...

Interesting! I didn't understand a word though ;-)

Emily Anthony said...

Marion, i can't see anything to click on, and it was the same with another of your recent posts...couldn't see what you were talking about. :-(

Marion said...

Per: I know what you mean, I don't understand a thing when I hear you Danish talk;-)
Em: that's strange, it's a video that I imported from youtube in my blog....
Perhaps try these links: