Monday, February 14, 2011

working in London for Nimsoft

Two weeks I had the chance to work in London, for California based company Nimsoft. It wasn't the first time, in october I was working for them in Copenhagen.

They had this booth made for me. Boy, was I feeling proud!

Me at work.


AHMADiTo OrTeGa said...

Hello, Simply Nice.. or Simple & Nice... How big is your print out and how much do you charge for it! :-)

Nelson Santos said...

Fantastic job Marion are you going to Barcelona MiniCon?

Anonymous said...

Hehehe, excellent work as always Marion... and the 'bean head' guy at the bottom is an absolute CLASSIC!

ED said...

Nice colour caricatures Marion.

Marion said...

Thank you, merci!
Ahmadito etc.: The prints are 10 x 15 cm and I charge for a 4 hour job, not for 1 print.
Nelson: unfortunately I will not come. We will be celebrating Hugo's 50th birthday a few weeks later with a European city trip, so you can imagine choices have to be made.
Mike: haha, that's exactly what I called him: Mister Bean! He didn't mind luckily...
Ed: Thank you!

Angie Jordan said...

Ha ha. I like the jelly bean head at bottom! Nice work Marion!

Retliza said...

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Anonymous said...

Great job, i love your style

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