Tuesday, April 26, 2011

cartoons for CHE

Hi everybody! It is a shame that my last post was more than two months ago. This is entirely due to the fact that I'm very occupied with..... birth announcement cards. Yes, I know, some of you might even think that I am wasting my talents by drawing illustrations of cute little baby's. But hey, I love baby's!
Anyway, I'll try to upload cartoons and caricatures on a more regular basis, starting right now. This is a series of cartoons I did a few days ago for CHE. Not Guevara, but the Christelijke Hogeschool Ede.


Jon Casey said...

Great Sketches Marion! So full of life and character.

Eun Ae said...

Does the last picture describe a family who are passing the buck? Haha.^▽^

the mind behind the mindless lampoons said...

very very intriguing....kudos m'am