Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Weidegangfeest 2012

There's a new tradition in Holland: het Weidegangfeest. It's when the cows, after a dark and cold winter go outside and graze in the meadow. They hop and dance and people come looking and everybody is happy. Except for the cows, because a farmer told me that it isn't the cold that cows hate, but wind. And it sure was windy last Sunday at the Weidegangfeest 2012 in Aarle-Rixtel...
I was asked to make cartoons for the ZLTO, an agricultural organization. The purpose was to develop a dialogue between farmers and people from the city/villages. Between the rain showers I managed to finish a dozen of cartoons, of which a selection can be seen here...

The stand of ZLTO in the meadow.
   And here they go!!!(foto: www.foto-verstegen.nl)
The cows in this cartoon have stagefreight.
There are many children who believe that milk comes from a plant. This farmer is showing little Billy the real story...
 Inside joke for dutch people. Waai means blow.
 From the back these cows look like gigantic pigs!
 The result of a few hours work.
foto: www.foto-verstegen.nl)
Ofcourse little goats and lambs give you a genuine feeling of spring.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Pity I hadn't really time to look around and look at the cartoons. Nice to see them now!
Sr. Madeleine

Marion said...

Hoi Madeleine,
het mag ook in het Nederlands, hoor! Wat een weer was het, hè!