Saturday, May 19, 2012

wheelchair caricatures

Last week I had a great gig for Invacare at the 'Supportbeurs 2012' in Utrecht. They design all sorts of products to make life for disabled people a bit easier, and they asked me to draw a wheelchair in advance and print it on my paper. So I did, and here you can see the results.



Zo tof zeg ! Ik wed dat ze in de wolken waren met hun prachtige Karikatuur !

Kurf said...

Hoi Marion, schitterend! en wat ben je toch goed in wielen tekenen maar dat is logisch met zo'n achternaam :) hoi Kurf

Marion said...

Haha, grapjas!

Marion said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
caricature lafontaine said...

Très beau travail!

Eun Ae said...

Hi, Marion. Thanks for pleasing my eye. You're a great caricaturist!

Anonymous said...

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